Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Butterfly Effect

This movie rightly obtains the "R" Rating because of the complex plot it contains. Not every person would understand this movie because as I mostly say, perceptions would vary, hence getting a different understanding of the story altogether. This flavor of this movie is something similar to that of Donnie Darko or Jacob's Ladder – A story with a very complex portal to a simple plot and a beautiful underlying meaning. Here the movie is something about "Trying to repair a morbid past for a pleasant future". The story is very intense and thrilling and keeps you engaged throughout. At times you would find yourself left in the dark (which you would eventually appreciate at the end of the movie). The story would indulge you and take you for a good trip (that’s ofcourse only if you want to get indulged) The ability of the director to materialize the idea is awesome, visually and mentally. Ashton Kutcher acted amazingly well in this movie. The message of the movie was amazing, a child's life is always tender and delicate. Every event has a huge impact at a later point of life.
As beautifully said - "Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world." Every small thing in life matters.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Code Geass

Lelouch_Wallpaper Be it a seriously directed Christopher Nolan or David Cronenberg movie or a Funny Cartoon or Colorful Anime. At the end of the day after relishing the entertainment, there are very serious morals which many of us fail to grasp. The story might bring out a deliberate moral as you watch a movie or series, meanwhile in parallel you must also let your conscience try and grasp the other smaller hints and philosophies in a story. There are various examples to pen down, but as of now I would like to appreciate a beautifully crafted anime series called - Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Lelouch_wallpaper_2 It is a 50 Episode series split into two seasons. And I recommend that it is a must watch if you like philosophies, excellent planning and strategy. The anime has very good animation and dialogues and it is not suggested for the younger audience. The storyline is very simple - An aristocratic student, The protagonist - Lelouch Vi Britannia is an egoistic genius who tries to create a better world for his dear sister with a powerful ability that he obtains called the "Geass" which enables him to modify the thoughts of any person. Lelouch also tries to balance his school life and his plans of rebellion. The Anti-Hero – Kururugi Suzaku an honest and just soldier also has a very similar life and Aim as Lelouch.

The anime proves a two very strong statements when it comes to removal of corruption and politics -

"You need to get your hands dirty if you need to clean something"
"Solving a problem is always the best if started from the top".

That’s a just a cartoon if you look at it that way but if you realize that today in real life, be it any organization or company or even an educational institution, you can't just set things right by cribbing and complaining about the system standing at the bottom. Gone are the days where problem solving is correlated to the felling of the tree. I’ll share my learning experience - Take an (my) educational institution for example - A place now where students put in loads of their parent's money just for a certificate with education which I would say now has become just a “value added service” in the majority of Colleges today in India. The lecturers and professors in these colleges? Don’t ask, your child can teach you better.

Now how would you solve such a problem? Try to explain to the faculty for not meeting up to their standards? The immediate response you would get – You are a repulsive character. You convince your peers and they decide to help you. You would become a bad element trying to create a rebellious community. Try to explain problems to a higher official; Response: You have crossed the limits as a student. You achieve a great feat; Response: Ignorance. Commit a very small mistake; Response: Exaggerated Punishments, and discernment.

Result: Peers back out and they prefer the best way out by trying to bake beans on both ends. Problem ultimately is not solved. You get to live a life of an outcast. This is with regard to a small educational institution, but when its concerning a Country, you can imagine the intensity.

This Anime series explains how a similar kind of a problem is solved in a fancy environment with a scenario of tyranny and dictatorship. A must watch.

I destroy worlds, to create worlds” – Lelouch Lamperouge

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Road

If you watch this movie with high expectations of action, thrills and dark humor, well you would be highly disappointed. This movie is a drama that explains mainly about two things that every person should have in life -
"Hope" and "Perseverance ". The environment is post-apocalyptic, a father and son travel in search of humanity and food with cannibals and bad climate slow them down. The movie tends to be a bit melodramatic and lacks to hit the spot in several ways. The depravity of Humans in Humanity was amazingly portrayed. The desperation of the protagonists, the absence of wildlife, the deserted lands and falling trees reminds me of how the world would look in the years to come. Capture The Road serves as a good wake-up call to make us understand that being human is what will save humanity. The father and son amazingly depicted themselves as the torch-bearers of hope, giving in their fullest and not giving up. Viggo Mortensen as usual kept up to the expectations of amazing acting as a responsible caring Father of a dubious Son.

"Are you one of the Good Guys?
Do you eat people?
Do you have the fire in you?" - The Boy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blogging after a very long time

Blogging has always been in the corner of my mind. Its like following a balanced diet for me - Which means that I have the "I-will-begin-tomorrow" Factor.

I was just reading my previous posts and it took me down memory lane as to why I decided to even start writing a blog. It was funny that I was using my own blog for a name-sake marketing purpose. I have always wanted means to express my thoughts in my mind in some way. In fact I end up spending some money buying a fancy Notebook or Pen wanting to write a Diary or a log book from a particular date. But looking into my own basement always helps and this time I found my dusty old Blog. :)

I re-named it as Pr♀♂igy from tæknifræði because it would be a Pandora’s Box rather than just technology and blahs. Something like Dr.Parnassus’ Imaginarium (Oh yes I did like that movie). It might have anything in it. My mind has been cluttered with a lot of things, the posts would be irregular, it might be utter rubbish or it may have some food for thought too. As my perceptions on things differ a lot. Its Up to you to incept.

The journey of life has been a very knowledgeable one for me so far. Knowledgeable, as in not entirely education but also experience, emotions, philosophies and perceptions. But upon looking back as to how life gave me that knowledge always takes me into a never ending loop of “It-would-have-been-better-if-it-was-like-this” situations. At times it makes you wish that if you had the power to manipulate time, you would just correct the one small error you made recently, which in-turn would remind you of a bigger mistake that you made earlier and so on, if the list continues you would end up wishing that you were either a child or an environment when things would so perfect. The story would never be the same for everyone obviously, because that environment would vary and its that environment everyone wants and everyone tries to attain.
At the end of the day what is that environment? It could be a landscape of a beautiful sunset or atop the mountains or post-apocalyptic or just lots of shops without a cashier.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Microsoft Dream Spark Yatra

Dreamspark yatra Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra is an initiative by Microsoft, to conduct large-scale technology-oriented events in various cities. This event focuses on spreading awareness among the masses, about new & innovative technologies. This event is one of its kind, with a motive to cover 100 cities in 10 weeks (mid-Feb to end-April). This event will be done in collaboration with one or more Microsoft Student
Partners and Microsoft Evangelists.
14119_388519532229_598087229_3896154_1912789_n  We are CoimBatorE User Group supported by Microsoft, iNeta and Leadcap. It’s a User Group formed by Microsoft Student partners in 2007. Microsoft Students Partners are the selected and trained students by Microsoft from various institutions across the globe. Though Tamilnadu being one of the Educational hub in India, 14119_388513697229_598087229_3895872_168138_n
students are not aware of the latest technology and happenings of it across the globe. In order to overcome this we conduct conferences and Hands-on-lab in various colleges in and around Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Sathyamangalam, Namakkal, Rasipuram, Thanjavur and various other districts of Tamilnadu. As a part of Microsoft Dreamspark Yatra we are conducting one day workshops in various institutions of Tamilnadu. So far we have conducted events in various institutions of Coimbatore, Erode, Rasipuram, Thanjavur, Sathyamangalam and Namakkal. We have covered more than 9200 students in these cities in just 1 month.
14119_388513382229_598087229_3895825_2654860_n 14119_388516622229_598087229_3896010_4860031_n 


Please Visit!

Friday, February 12, 2010

BootCamp V2.0 - Sprint

Its been a long time. I hope you are doing good! My joy knows no bounds right now. I am truly happy to inform you that the February Boot Camp was an amazing Success. We had a 2 Day Boot Camp at Coimbatore in Hotel Vijay Paradise. 24 MSPs from Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Thanjavur, Nammakal, Karur etc. Turned up for the Session. Again, it was a BIG HIT!!
We organized the Boot Camp with the help of a few newly recruited MSPs so that they get an experience into organizing events. Again it was a thrilling last-minute successful planning and lightning fast implementation.
The only problem we faced was that we didn't have even a single Rupee in the Usergroup Account.
Anyways, moving on to The Bootcamp. It begin with an introduction to the Usergroup where we explained what are the roles of an MSP and the responsibilities of the Executive Body. Notepads, Pens, Charts and CBEUG Stickers were distributed to all during this time. It was a pleasant surprise for the MSPs.
After the CBEUG Organization session was over, we conducted the SONA - State of National Affairs
This was an activity where the MSPs are jumbled and made to sit in groups. Then a couple of tasks would be given to each team which required interaction amongst each other and amazing Team Work. This was the perfect Ice Breaking Session. (I would suggest it for the best case practice)
After SONA we broke for lunch and we came back to Sathya Narayan's Session to help the Phase II selected MSPs, introducing them to the various sessions and tips on how to go about handling the various tasks being an MSP. It really helped the new recruits.

Next we had a Driver's Test. This test is a personality analysis Test. Test sheets were handed out to all the MSPs and all of them were made to complete the test. Then the analysis was based upon the responses of the MSPs. I was truly shocked to see that the Test made a 90% Perfect Analysis of the Individual. This was a real eye opener.
After the Driver's Test, Arumugham and I left the venue to the OCP get a little gift for the attendees. Meanwhile Jibin Varghese was taking care of the attendees by checking them into the rooms and making sure that everything was fine. I had planned a small party where we had another Ice Breaking session, but due to the immense participation of the MSPs during the whole day, most of them slept off.
The Next Day began with a Bang. EduSpark Analysis and planning was made full on. I was inspired by the team effort put by all the MSPs in planning the EduSpark. We finalized the entire list of colleges to visit, the total number of Developer Conferences and the number of Goodies to provide to the audience.
After we finalized the plans and had a nice lunch. We had the awards ceremony, where we distributed the little surprise to everyone. They were a set of Visiting Cards for all the attendees of the session. We also distributed resource DVDs. It was a pleasant surprise for them. Vice Presidents of the Usergroup was also announced.
Dance skills by Arumugham! :P Dancing skills depicted by Arumugham
Then we "promised" an award for the Best Performing MSP and the MSP to initiate Maximum number of MSDN AA and Live@edu, (We didn't have any goodies left to award them something nice too :( )
This was the long 2 Day amazingly "AWESOME" Boot Camp that we had ever Conducted. It was a nice experience. Please do support our UG .

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

24th October 2009 - A Milestone in CBEUG - The First ever BootCamp @ Coimbatore

The day began with Arumugham, two fellow usergroup members (Fazulul & Vivek) and myself receiving the MSPs who came for the BootCamp. The venue of the BootCamp was Zoom Consultancy. My sincere thanks to Mr. Anil Nair for providing us the venue. The MSPs who came for the BootCamp were

Indhuja Pillai - Narasu's Sarathy Institute of Technology , Salem
Saarang - Tamil Nadu College of Engineering , Coimbatore
Jibin Varghese - Tamil Nadu College of Engineering, Coimbatore
Bharath Wajan Prabhu - M. Kumarasamy College of Engineering , Coimbatore
Gopinantham - Nandha College of Engineering, Erode
Gowtham - Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore
Venkat - Velalar College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore
Animesh Jain - Shaasthra University, Thanjavur
Kusumakar Dwivedi - Shaasthra University, Thanjavur
Raja Ram - PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
Sathyanarayanan - Krishna College of Arts and Science , Coimbatore
Krsna Rajan - Maha College of Engineering,
Siddharth - Bannari Amman College of Technology, Coimbatore

There were a couple of more MSPs who happen to miss the session due to various reasons, but we will make it a point that their role transitions happen to them also.

The Agenda for the day was

Introduction 9 30 AM - 10 00 AM
Ice Breaking Session 10 00 AM - 11 00 PM
MSP Program 11 00 PM - 12 00 PM
Lunch 12 00 PM - 1 30 PM
CBEUG Structure 1 30 PM - 2 30 PM
Exclusive Session for New
MSPs on how to achieve targets 2 30 PM - 3 30 PM
Feedback and Interaction 3 30 PM - 4 00 PM

Arumugham and Myself began the introductory session and we started off explaining our past experiences and how we were recruited into the program and so on. The Ice Breaking session was effective, we made the new recruits make 10 statements about themselves out of which 5 statements should be stated false, and the rest of them should guess which were the false statements made by the speaker. We explained the roles and benefits of an MSP, the Do's and Don'ts etc. Then comes the most interesting part , Lunch!

But.. for us..
Lunch: 4 of us ate Pizza and we had to empty our wallets. 1000 Bucks!!! :'(

So, after a sumptuous lunch the CBEUG structure was explained to them. I would be proud to say that even a heavy meal didn't make the MSPs feel sleepy for any of the session. Then the method of uploading and the opportunities available for the new recruits to gain points very easily was clearly described. I was very glad that the MSPs were already in the process of planning to reach their targets. One of the MSPs (Sathya) already has secured 160 points which was truly amazing!

After the sessions and lots of coffee, we celebrated the launch of Windows 7! It was a small party where we ate some Junk food and used the Windows 7 Tissue Papers :). Overall it was a memorable event, a niche in the history of CBEUG. Hoping to make wonders in the coming days.

The New Recruits were amazing to be with. They truly deserve the role of an MSP. They were highly responsive and interactive.

We are truly glad that we were able to motivate and guide our junior MSPs, personally It really feels good within meeting them :)

@ the New Recs: NOW ITS (Y)OUR TIME TO SHINE ;)

Gee! Im Friggin' excited about the next meeting already. aksj;klsadj;flkadwm;f;jew''wefjsljka <-- Statement of Excitement